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Route de Verbier Station 1

1936, Verbier


Chemin des Rochaz 2

1874, Champéry


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Our Faculty


Our faculty members are the essence where no compromise has been made in the selection process. All members are highly qualified with professional experience, academic credentials, commitment to excellence, and respect of government’s policies.

Our Vision


Despite continuous efforts that have been made to draw lessons from the past, society still remains unaware of the true needs of its population, persisting with an approach to business that has proven to be ineffective today. The way individuals behave and act together as they trade has swifter and more serious consequences than before, and this requires a new, fresh and sometimes disturbingly innovative approach to current economic issues. Traditional ways of thinking or theories must be challenged and questioned as to whether they are still useful and applicable to today’s situation.

The Swiss School of Economics positions itself as a new and fresh actor in the world of economics, breaking with tradition and fostering different ways of considering business today and tomorrow. The objective of the institution is to become a leading research and teaching organization in the area of management, banking and finance. It aims to further strenghten this position by achieving top-3 status in Europe and top-10 in the world. To reach this objective, faculty members are supported with appropriate incentive, selected fundamental and applied research projects and are financed on an ongoing basis. Over the years, the Swiss School of Economics and thus Switzerland, aims to become a benchmark for high level executive education in management, banking, and finance.

Verbier, Champéry, Porrentruy and Belmonte were specifically chosen to achieve the best results in sustainable management research. Thanks to narrow relations with the local authorities, the Swiss School of Economics intends to demonstrate how feasible it is to use existing infrastructures for multiple purposes. Efforts are made so that the municipality can boast a continuous activity during the entire year and contribute to stable employments options every time of the year.

Our Philosophy


The Swiss School of Economics has a non-profit purpose and pursues the only objective to reach the highest quality standards, reinvesting any potential benefit in its own development, including better incentives for faculty and support of research programs. As such, our institution also strives to establish a long-term commitment to society and its need, by offering an outstanding education to all individuals regardless of their social status or financial abilities. It focuses on replacing the quest of maximizing monetary value with a balanced view of economic, social and environmental value, placing its contribution to the general interest of society as its utmost priority. Members of our institution are requested to invest their time and energy in the institution with the sole purpose of allowing mankind to develop more sustainable and efficient business model.


Faculty members each perform a research for publication on a regular basis as part of their employment conditions.
Highly qualified specialists have overlooked and prepared modules where each will be taught by a hired expert in their field during the core hours. All core faculty members at Swiss School of Economics hold a PhD degree and teach only in their specific field. For a complete list of our professors and their credentials please do contact our Academic Department, where we will be delighted to share this information.
Enabling business to become a powerful driving force to create a world where everybody "lives well and within the limits on the planet" (WBCSD) is the single biggest education challenge for business schools in the coming decades. To archive this multi-dimensional transformation, we build our educational approach on 3 key cornerstones, each supported and interconnected with our 6 essential values that are shared among all members of our community.
President and Leadership


The Swiss School of Economics was created, with the specific aim of promoting the values of an open society and democracy. The objective is to create a place that brings people together as a community and binds them in the shared pursuit of knowledge.

The last financial crisis, the loss of confidence in our current economic models and in party politics in Europe are all raising a set of questions that haven't been asked for decades.

We strongly believe that educating leaders who create real value for society as managers, investors, entrepreneurs or as active citizens of the world, is the answer to the current dangerous trends at work such as the increasing intercultural conflicts we can witness or the growing difficulties in integrating immigrants into the local workforce.

From the beautiful and open country that is Switzerland, our students are expected to become after their studies at the Swiss School of Economics the leaders who can act in a rapidly changing environment and understand the fact that many of the world's most challenging issues require a global perspective. 

As President of the foundation board, I will do everything I can to guarantee that no potential student is deterred from applying to the Swiss School of Economics due to its financial or societal origins, and that no student's success is hampered by financial difficulties.

Thanks to our wonderful professors, staffs and partners, I am convinced that our mission will be a great success.