1. Contact our Admissions Office to receive the necessary application form by mail or email.

  2. Fill in the application form, date and sign it.

  3. Send your application by email to together with all corresponding documents mentioned in the application form.

  4. Once your application has been received you will notified by our office.

  5. If your file is suitable, our office will contact you to schedule a personnal interview.

    • Applicants in EU or Switzerland are invited to come to our office for the interview.

    • Other applicants will be given the opportunity to have a Skype interview.

  6. Final decisions will be communicated by email to candidates within 15 days.


CCandidates who have not studied in English for the last 4 years at least, must prove their level of English by the time they join the program.

  • MBA/EMBA candidates : TOEFL 90/120, IELTS 6/9 or CAE

  • DBA/PhD candidates : TOEFL 100/120, IELTS 7/9 or CAE

For more details about our application process please feel free to contact us. Our Admissions Team remains at your entire disposal to help you find the most suitable program for your career objective or answer more personal questions.

The Swiss School of Economics Foundation offers a large number of options to allow talented and motivated candidates, in financial need, to join its student body. Possibilities are listed below, as an example of our willingness to consider business with alternative solutions :

  1. Scholarships are allocated to a limited number of students, highly qualified and with outstanding results.

  2. Scholarships are offered to candidates who seek financial assistance. Given the usual income that students can expect during their compulsory industry internship, it is possible to partially or totally compensate this scholarship before graduation.

  3. EU/CH students may choose quarterly installments instead of annual payments.

  4. The administration may also assist students in creating their own company, fostering their entrepreneurship skills and allowing them to autofinance their own studies.


Candidates who wish to apply for one of the options mentionned above are invited to submit the following documents in addition to their formal application :

  • Certified copy of their passport /ID card

  • Original pay slips for the last 3 months

  • Original extract of the « Registre des poursuites » (Swiss resident only)

  • Project details (entrepreneurs only)


In order to guarantee an impartial consideration of all applicants, the documents in relation with a scholarship or student loan request are reviewed by an independent board.

Candidates are informed about the board’s final decision within 30 days.