Our Campus in Champéry  

  Sports and Cultural Centre - Champéry Palladium  

At the heart of Champéry, magnificently housed under one impressive roof, the Palladium Sports and Cultural Centre is multifunctional complex that houses a restaurant, an 80-bed hotel, a multipurpose gymnasium, tennis courts, indoor and outdoor pools, skating rink, a curling rink, a gym and an indoor climbing wall as well as conference rooms, where classes and lectures held for our students. The center provides special packages for SSE students.

Champéry - idyllic and typically Swiss mountain village, is a municipality in the district of Monthey in the Swiss canton of Valais and known as one of Switzerland's oldest tourist destinations. In Champéry, all those who love the great outdoors and sports will find ideal conditions and infinite opportunities to satisfy their passions, while food-lovers can unwind in a setting where life is good. 


There are more than 800 km of walks to choose from that perfectly suited for different levels of hiking during summer months. There is a bike park in the area with marked tracks that suits all abilities. The tourist facilities also include a horse-riding centre, tennis courts, indoor and outdoor swimming pools and paragliding.

Cable-cars and chair-lifts from Champéry lead into the skiing area of "Portes du Soleil", which is known as one of the world's largest continuous skiing areas. Within it, there are 14 different areas for skiers and snowboarders – 6 in Switzerland and 8 in France. In order to meet the needs of freestyles there is a snowpark to serve their needs. The area is perfect for the adventurous, who can prove themselves at ice-climbing, snow-shoe walking or on skiing tours or sledging runs.