Our Teachers    

Country Director for Switzerland of the EuroMed Research Business Institute and Research Associate at the Institute of International Integration Studies, Trinity College Dublin. Dr. Rios-Morales holds a BSc in Economics ,MSc in International Economics and a PhD in Politics of International Business from the University of Ulster, UK. She taught international business at the School of Business Studies, Trinity College Dublin and has also taught international business and finance in Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain. UNCTAD and the World Bank have acknowledged the advanced research that Dr. Rios-Morales has conducted in international business and finance.

 Post-PhD in Nation Building, University of Sorbonne, France

Prof. Dr. Ruth Pasquier


    Prof.  Phil Porter   

Phil has held HR Director positions in multi-national corporations: General Electric, Compaq, Digital, Sperry, Fruehauf and Orange Telecommunications, now part of the French Telecom Group. In addition, he has fulfilled specialist positions in management & organizational development and in compensation, benefits and expatriate relocation.

He has worked extensively in North American, Asia/Pacific and E.M.E.A regions and also has completed consulting assignments in the public sector and with start-up companies, most notably in interactive television broadcasting, food processing and health care.

A graduate of Business Administration, he has professional and postgraduate qualifications in Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations.

Human Resource Executive

Over 7 years of experience in the financial industry specialised in the power generation projects. A wide spectrum of exposure – project development, strategic advisory, M&A and Project Finance. Professor Rugova also has experience in developed and emerging markets. 

Professor Rugova has worked in different companies of gas and oil sector, and in banking system to.  Awarded Innovation Prize at the 3rd Geneva Sustainable Finance Summit for the paper on Financing Energy Efficiency Through Listed “YieldCo” Vehicles, 22 March 2016.

  Prof. Qendresa Rugova  

MBA Degree in Corporate Finance, Central European University, Hungary

  Prof. Jérémy  Ducros  

Prof. Ducros holds a Bachelor and Master in Economics, graduated from Paris I University with honors.

Professor Ducros received his second Master in Economics from the Paris School of Economics.  Professor Ducros has dedicated his academic studies to economic crises and barriers of financial modernization in French government debt during the period 1926-1929, the financial intermediaries and IPOs in France during the period 1898-1914, the emergence and the role of Lyon Stock Exchange 1845-1945.

He taught advanced macro-economics, corporate finance, international trade and economic growth in the wide range of the French State Universities and Univertité Libre de Bruxelles. Prof. Ducros is a member of international organizations. Currently he is teaching in Swiss School of Economics and University of Geneva.

PhD (candidate) in Economics, Paris School of Economics

 Prof. Dessislava Boneva, CFA 

Successful financial executive with a solid record of accomplishments in developing relationships with large corporates by building confidence, leading and implementing complex financial solutions. She had leading positions in managing risk and credit process within BNP Paribas and Societe General. She is passionate about the methods new technology and innovation can be introduced in our lives and about the technics for their financing. 


Professor Boneva has been a mentor for the MBA students from Neuchatel University preparing the team for the worldwide CFA research challenge, promoting the best practice in equity research among the next generation.

MBA from the University of National and World Economics, Bulgaria

   Dr. Christopher Andrey   

Holding a PhD in Physics, Christopher focuses his activities on applying analytics and optimisation-based methods to the energy sector for both institutional and private clients. After having spent two years leading techno-economic studies in Switzerland as a Energy and Optisimation Consultant, Christopher is now joining Artelys as project manager.

PhD in Physics, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland

 Prof. Dr. Lichia Saner Yiu 

Doctorate in Educational Psychology, University of Indiana, USA

A former associate professor at Chinese Culture University, Taipei, she was a postdoctoral fellow at Columbia University in organizational psychology. She is fluent in English and Mandarin.

Dr.Yiu has over 20 years of experience as an advisor to governments and international organizations on organizational development and reform on public administration. She recently directed a two-year, bilateral Swiss-Slovene project to reform the public administration of Slovenia and a three-year Sino--Swiss bilateral program to modernize management training of senior civil service officials in China. She has also been a consultant to the United Nations Development Program and other specialized UN agencies, as well as to private sector organizations.

  Prof. Dr. Raymond Saner  

Union Institute and University, Ohio, USA

Raymond Saner is Titular professor at Basle University (Economics Department) and teaches at Sciences Po, Paris (Master in Public Affairs) and at Lüneburg University (Sustainability Management).  He is a reviewer of management journals, author of books and articles and served as officer in professional organizations such as the Academy of Management (AoM)  (Board member of OD division) and  Chair of Advisory Council of AoM to Board of Governors. He is a Swiss citizen, teaches and consults in English, French, German and Spanish, lives in Geneva and Hong Kong and is frequently in Asia, North America and Europe.  He is co-founder of CSEND, a Geneva based research institute and partner of Organizational Consultants Ltd in Hong Kong. He regularly conducts research and consulting work for private sector companies and international organizations such as WTO, the WB, UNDP, ILO, UNICEF, BIS, and WHO. His current research focuses on financing of the health sector, private-public partnership in health and education and public governance related issues.

 Prof. Laurent Cyrus 

PhD (candidate) in Economics, Université Libre Brussels, Belgium

Professor Cyrus is a special in macroeconomics modeling and econometrics, as well as monetary union. He started his career in two international public organizations, namely the European Commission and the International Labour Office, before joining the banking sector in the Central Bank of Malta and the Bank of Estonia.

His last positions as Senior Economist at the Central Bank of Ireland allowed him to contribute to the development of DSGE models for the macromodelling project in Ireland.

Professor Cyrus also teaches Political Economy and Macroeconomic Theory at the Université Libre of Brussels.

 Prof. Dr. Gaetan Maret 

PhD in English Literature

Gaetan Maret is a PhD student in English Literature. His project focuses  on the relationships between African-American and French black authors during the interwar period. Questioning the idea of "black internationalism", the thesis races the network of influences as well as the inevitable miscomprehension that occurred with the Harlem Renaissance and the Negritude movements. His research interests include 20th century American literature and culture, literatures of the African diaspora, transnationalism and cosmopolitanism, and race and ethnicity studies.

    Prof. Dr. Gani Abazi   

M.D. P.P.H Public Health – Health Care Management

Results-oriented Medical Doctor with Masters of Public Health on Health Care Management and Policy from Harvard University. Clinical, Health Policy, Research and Health Care Project Management experience in Europe, Africa, Japan and the U.S. Record of success in the leadership of health care policy initiatives, health policy development, program management, employee supervision, financial and budget management and resource allocation, and the process of health sector reform. Record of success on building professional partnerships and sustainable productive health care, health policy and other related networks in the U.S. and globally.

 PhD in Politics of International Business, University of Ulster, UK

Dr.Jean-Philippe Challandes has taught for the last 20 years to a vast variety of audiences including doctoral seminars. He is widely praised as an expert in the post-industrial Revolution world after a global international research period at the world-wide renowned University of Paris 1 – Sorbonne. With a strong knowledge of the evolution of State institutions and the creation of Nations, Dr Challandes bridges the needs of individuals and collectivities thanks to an innovative approach to values. 

 PhD in Economics, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland 

Specialist in advising and helping CEOs implement successful turnaround management solutions, Dr. Hafner has led successful organizational transformations and complex turnaround management projects for several industrial companies in Europe and the Americas. Through comprehensive analysis, he helps businesses develop solid strategies to bring about their long-term success. Additionally, Dr. Hafner works directly with the boards of directors of both private and public enterprises to improve their companies’ governance structures. Pablo Hafner is the author of numerous international publications, and his articles can be found regularly in the international economic press. He also has been a contributor to several books in the field of family business, firm restructuring, and corporate governance. He is currently member of various boards of directors in diverse industries.

 Prof. Dr. Pablo Hafner 

Prof. Dr. Jean-Philippe Challandes

Juris Doctor Degree, Widener University School of Law

Dr.Korab Sejdiu is a specialist in Business Law educated in B.S. in International Business / Minor in Economics, The College of New Jersey and LL.M. Degree in Banking and Financial Law,  Boston University School of Law. Professor Sejdiu has extended experiences as a legal advisory and legal researcher in the following institutions: The office of the President of the Republic of Kosovo, Harkins Cunningham LLP, Philadelphia, Gibbons P.C. and Supreme Court of New Jersey.

In the past he has taught Business Organizations, Business and Legal Environment, and Financial Law, Corporate Law, International Business Law, and International Economic Law in different universities in Prishtina, Kosovo and “Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility” module in Imperial College London, London, UK.

 Prof. Dr. Korab Sejdiu 

Prof. Philippe Receveur

Mr.Philippe Receveur is a former government minister of Switzerland. After two political mandates in Jura Government between 2006 and 2015, the magistrate has made a name for himself performing as the Minister of Health, Social Affairs and Human Resources, as well as Head of the Department of  Environment and Equipment.  After his education in Bassecourt, Philippe Receveur got a literary diploma in Cantonal School of Porrentruy. Then he continued his study at the University of Neuchâtel (Major in law and economics), where he received a Master degree in Law after his dissertation on neutrality and non-alignment in international relations. His education background and the extended experience in the public sector makes him a specialist in the legal relationships between the private enterprises and the public sector.

PhD in Finance and Accounting

Mr. Dritan Fino,PhD has earned in 2002, the bachelor degree in Finance and Accounting from the University of Tirana. Since 2004, he followed graduate studies in Japan on a scholarship from the prestigious Monbukagakusho Program, and he earned the Master of Art’s degree in 2007, and a Ph.D. in Finance and Accounting in 2010.

He has been lecturing since 2010 in different universities in Albania, such as University of Tirana, Marin Barleti University, Polis University, etc. His teaching and research areas relate to financial and management accounting, national and international standards of accounting, and finance.

Mr. Fino,is currently Director of Financial Management and Control Harmonization Department at the Ministry of Finance of Albania. He has joined the Ministry of Finance since November 2013, as advisor at the Cabinet of the Minister. During this period his main responsibilities were related to issues of financial management and control, and accounting.

Other professional experiences include the engagements as the head of the Qualification and Certification Commission of Public Internal Auditors, member of the Registration Authority at the Institute of Authorized Chartered Auditors of Albania, member of Civil Servant Recruitment Committee, etc.

   Prof. Dritan Fino